Installing Aquifer


Aquifer has one system requirement: Node.js. We suggest using nvm to install Node.js and npm:

  • curl -o- | bash
  • nvm install stable
  • nvm use stable
  • nvm alias default stable

Installation (npm)

Aquifer is an npm module, and can be installed by running:

npm install -g aquifer

Installing for development

You can install Aquifer directly from the git repository. This is useful if you want to contribute to Aquifer core, or test upcoming versions.

  • Ensure that node.js is installed.
    • We suggest using nvm.
    • Be sure that your NODE_PATH environment variable is set correctly.
  • Clone this repository into any directory.
  • Within the Aquifer repository directory, run npm link.
  • Run aquifer in your terminal, and ensure that it returns CLI documentation.