Introduction to Aquifer

This is the wiki contains documentation for the Aquifer project.

Table of Contents


Contributing to this wiki is painless. Everything is stored and served from the Aquifer wiki repository. All pages are stored in the /sections folder, and added to the file as markdown links in a bulleted list. Gitbook is used to compile the docs and create the browser-friendly pages, which is published on Github pages at

Process for submitting changes

  • Fork the Aquifer wiki repository.
  • Make your changes in a branch other than master or gh-pages.
  • Submit a PR with your changes.

Using gitbook

This wiki uses gitbooks to compile the markdown files into a collection of browser-friendly pages. To compile the markdown:

  • Install gitbook: npm install gitbook-cli -g.
  • In the wiki directory, run gitbook install.
  • To build the project, in the wiki directory, run gitbook build.
  • If you would like to locally test the compiled output, run gitbook serve, and point your browser at http://localhost:4000.
  • NOTE: Gitbooks will remove the CNAME file in the _book directory. Do not commit this change.